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A Few of Michael's Testimonials

Thank you Michael!

You make communication very easy for me.  Not even my closest friends know what I've been going through....I told you in 10 seconds.

I'd love to talk. Will you be in Phoenix next week?


A. P. (Scottsdale)



My wife and I had been to different marriage counselors and were already thinking that divorce was the only hope to end the incessant fighting and unhappiness we were both feeling.

After only three sessions with Michael, we not only worked things out, but developed a deeper and more loving relationship than when we first met 20 years ago.


Thank you Michael.

S. B. (Chicago, IL)



I just want people to know that Michael has helped me tremendously in my outlook on my job and my ability to feel confident in my day to day dealings with people.

I was working very hard and felt like I was getting nowhere at my job.  I couldn't really relax - I didn't know how. I also felt like I didn't know that many people who I could feel comfortable being around.


Michael looked at my situation and with his advice and insights I was finally able to feel  like a more confident person with a positive attitude for a more fulfilling life.


K. F. (Naples, FL)



I was going through a rough period in my life with my marriage and financial problems.  I made it even worse by doing unhealthy things like drinking too much, excessive smoking and more.


Michael helped me get past the bad things in my life that I could rid myself of and to understand how to get my life back in order so that I could find a way of coping and solving my troubles.


Thanks Michael - you're great!

J.G. (NY, NY)



Michael brings happiness, laughter, and success to everyone he meets! Michael's "Happiness Seminars" will make you laugh out loud as he shows you how to be happier, more productive and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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